Cody’s Sundown SA-12 enclosure, engineered by PWK

Hey folks,

Cody hit me up to build a PWK designed enclosure for a Sundown SA-12 in his ’03 V-6 Accord Coupe. He wanted it it to shake the piss out of his car and hit every note clearly from 30-60Hz. Mission accomplished. He’s throwing a thousand watts on it and I’m sure it’ll get stupid. Here are a few pics of the dirty work.

I shipped the package yesterday via UPS and ole Cody should be installing the terminals that day with a hammer and a wrench or pliers. When it’s up and playing, we should hear back from Cody after he’s had a few asses in the passenger seat.

By the way, this enclosure only cost Cody $235+s/h.

If ya dig…..comment, share, link to it. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Cody’s Sundown SA-12 enclosure, engineered by PWK

  1. after five minutes of play time my mirror fell of and every thing in my car was shaking like mad. The bass is super clean the sub hits every note. Even when i turn the amp down to were i can barely see my sub moving i can hear it loud and clear its impressive to say the least also the build quality itself is great this enclosure has surpassed my expectations even after a two days with it Im still surprised by how loud it is when i turn up the amp i would definitely recommend both a design from Pete and a build by Steve

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